The clear skin diet

The clear skin diet

We hear it all the time. Good health and clear skin is an inside job and what we eat has a big impact on the look of our skin. But what does that mean to eat well nowadays? With all the new trendy diets telling us what to eat, what to ditch, what to keep then 2 weeks later finally not really… We know the struggle! Thankfully, there are some guidelines that can fit with anyone’s diet that, if you add to your lifestyle, will make a big difference for your skin. Ready? It’s juicy!


1. Bye Bye Dairy

I know I know. We started heavy! It can be so difficult to turn down that slice of cheese because it tastes like heaven. And butter? Don’t even get me started. But honestly, removing dairy is so important if you really want to see your skin clear up. At least until your skin heal, then you can enjoy it from time to time. The thing with dairy is that it’s packed with hormones, way more than what your body is normally adapted to, and sugar. Those two combined making it a real disaster for your skin. Feeding the bad bacteria causing acne - especially cystic acne to be precise. So in order to heal correctly, unfortunately dairy has to go. But the good news is, there are so many plant-based alternatives to experiment with now that can ease your pain and make the whole process fun! Why not give it a try?


2. Hello Celery Juice

Now I know what you’re thinking. Really? Did I just gave up my Cheese heaven only to have celery juice? That’s harsh. I feel you, but let me explain first. According to the wonderful work of Anthony William, aka The Medical Medium, celery juice is the solution to all of your skin problems. And as we were skeptical at first, we decided to try it for ourselves. And now the whole team at Mee-Skin can proudly say, celery juice work! On an empty stomach every morning, right after a big glass of lemon water. Then wait 20 minutes and have your regular breakfast (preferably lots of fruits). Celery juice has amazing properties to clean up your inside, fight bad bacteria, reset the whole digestive system, it’s literally an elixir of life for your liver and if the liver is happy, your skin is happy. Now just a word of caution, celery juice is so potent that at the beginning you may experience some « skin drama » before it clears up - it’s called the purge. But hold tight, stay focused, keep drinking your juice and it will finally all clear up, for good.


3. Fill up on real food

But chips are so good though! Ahh yes, we sometimes don’t even realize how much we rely on pre-made food, ready to eat. But the truth is, the « food » you find on those shelves are packed with nasties! Have you ever wondered what was in your favourite biscuits only to discover an extra long list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, even with some numbers in it like E250 what?
As you know, at Mee-Skin we are big fan of Mama Nature and believe She knows what she’s doing. So to stay on the safe side, fill up as much as possible with real, organic food like fruits, veggies, beans and grains. They contains amazing vitamins and nutrients that your body knows how to use, contrarily to all the lab made stuff. If you eat animal protein, make sure it’s high quality and not packed with hormones so you’ll keep your body balanced and harmonious. And that’s it! Simple isn’t it?

There you have it, 3 easy steps for a clear skin. I guarantee you if you choose to experiment with one or all of those tips, your skin will be so grateful! That glow will show on your cheeks and the good news is? It’s meant to stay! Yes !