Skincare : 3 important steps to never miss

Skincare : 3 important steps to never miss

When it’s about skincare, there are so many products, routines and techniques available it can quickly become overwhelming. Where do I even start? Do I go with natural or chemical products? How do I even know which issue to target first? HELP ! Well here at Mee-Skin, we heard you and rest assured, help is on the way.

A good skincare routine is two things : simple so you can stick to it easily, and well thought to cover the bases. No need to make it complicated, as long as you follow these 3 rules, you will be all set for gorgeous glowing skin.


1. Always remove your make up before bed.

Now this is a non-negotiable! No matter how tired (or tipsy?) you are, always always make a stop by the bathroom first to wash your face. Make-up, sweat, dirt, pollution, our busy lives have a big impact on our skin. All day long she collects nasties patiently waiting to be able to breathe again. When nighttime comes, it’s finally her opportunity to heal, restore and repair. But honey she can’t do it properly is she’s still all clogged up from the day! So help your skin to get back to glory by making sure to wash your face before going to bed with a gentle cleanser. And no unfortunately makeup remover wipes are not enough. But promise, if you take those extra 5minutes, she will give it to you back tenfold. It’s worth it!


2. Keep it easy

Behind every good skin there is always a well-rounded, consistent, skin care routine. And it doesn’t have to be 10 steps like a korean skincare routine to work wonder. As long as it cover the 4 basics: Cleanse, Prep, Moisturize and Protect, you’re good to go.

- Cleanse: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser or following the oil cleansing method to remove any dirt from your skin.
- Prep: Toner, serums, now is the time to target specific issues and give your skin that extra boost she needs to heal efficiently.
- Moisturize: Never forget to give your skin some hydration. Moisturizing is critical for a happy skin, even for oily skin. It helps with softness and plump, wrinkles and ageing signs, and soothe irritation to prevent breakouts and a greater complexion. Pure love for your skin!
- Protect: SPF is your skin’s best friend. Wear it every day to make sure your skin stays healthy and protected all day long. Even if it’s gloomy or you’re staying inside, UV’s can still get through! And it’s especially important for acne prone skin as it prevents from further irritation and discoloration. 

Extra love 1-2x a week :
- Exfoliate and Nourish: Exfoliating helps your skin cells turnover and allow the pores to absorb better nutrients. Then you can use your favourite MeeSkin Facemask to give all the goodness to your skin for this radiant glow that we love to see!


3. Drink your water

The easiest yet most underrated step of all! When your body accumulate toxins, it shows on your skin. Drinking lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day, helps your body drain those toxins out, keeps it hydrated for long term health and smooth bright skin! Tired of drinking plain water? Throw a slice of cucumber in it or some lemon juice ! Game changer. Have fun with it!