Oil cleansing - the cure to acne prone skin?

Oil cleansing - the cure to acne prone skin?

Yes you read that title right. Contrary to popular belief, oil could really be what your acne prone skin is missing. It does sound crazy because we are so used to being told to strip every drop of oil from our face and use only water based products but the truth is there and it’s surprising. The Oil cleansing method - or OCM for the pros - has been working wonders on many different skin types and conditions, especially acne prone skin.

Now the concept is pretty simple. OCM consists in washing your face with a combinaison of different oils, according to your skin type, applying a warm cloth over your face to steam deep within your pores, then using the cloth to remove any excess oil. You can use the OCM directly over make up and repeat the process until your face is completely clean.

Why does it work you say? Simple. Likes attracts likes or in this case, likes dissolves likes. Most of the cleansers we use are filled with harsh chemicals and other substances that leave our skin irritated, dry, completely stripped of its natural oils. Of course to compensate, your skin over-produces oil which leads to clogged pores, turning out to even more acne. Not nice.
Instead, the oil cleansing method use a gentler approach. The oils act as a double agent: cleaning and dissolving dirt from your pores while also leaving a soft layer of soothing hydration for your skin. No more irritation, your skin is soft, nourished and can happily focus on healing.

The key to success with this method is to choose the right oils blend for your skin. Usually it’s a mix of castor oil, the most cleansing oil, with one or two thinning oil like jojoba or even hemp seed oil. To be sure to make the best choice, check out this Reddit which sums up all the oils you can use according to your skin situation. Keep in mind that your skin can react differently depending on which oil you use, so don’t be shy to mix it up and change the blends. And last but not least, always always use a clean cloth.


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So what do you think, ready to try?